What You Need to Know About Toll Fees

AutoExpreso in Puerto Rico



While Puerto Rico has many roadways that have no toll booths, you will most likely find yourself needing to travel on toll roads even if you try to avoid them. Toll roads in general are actually quite faster and less congested than the non-toll roads and you will quickly find that they are usually very well maintained when compared to other roads in the area. Local roads off of the expressways can be in very poor condition as well as potentially dangerous due to poor lighting and traffic accidents and heavy congestion.

All toll roads in Puerto Rico are expressways and they make it simple to travel around the island quickly. The toll roads have unmanned toll stations with electronic toll collection and you will need to obtain an AutoExpreso toll pass to drive as there are only a couple of stations that have physical staff working at any given hour of the day.

If you are making a move to Puerto Rico and will have your personal vehicle shipped, you will want to go to an AutoExpreso center and purchase a pass. There are also several fuel stations that sell the toll passes to make it easier for residents to stop in to purchase one.

AutoExpreso passes come with a card similar to a credit card that can be used at the toll booths. The card must be registered and this can be done online at autoexpreso.com. You will also be able to set up a payment account for the pass when you register online. You will definitely want to make sure your pass has money available to pay the toll fees as a single violation for non-payment will result in a fine of $100. This fine will continue to increase with every toll fee that is not paid.