At USA to Puerto Rico Auto Transport we offer the fastest as well as most competitively priced transport to Puerto Rico. We also provide safe door to door services at pickup as well as delivery to ensure that your transport goes smoothly and is the best in auto shipping. We offer the following methods of auto transport:

Door to Door

From coast to coast we provide secure door to door transport services. Door to door is the fastest way to ship a car and it allows you to be present when the vehicle is picked up and delivered. This reduces transport times and can help save money with transport as you will not have fees to pay at a shipping terminal. Door to door also keeps vehicles safer as many terminals can be located in areas where there may be a lack of security which can lead to vandalism.

Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) Open Transport

The most preferred method of ocean transport is Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO). With this type of transport vehicles are driven onto the ship for transport and quickly relocated. RORO is the most efficient way to ship financially. When shipping by interstate, we offer fast open transport. Just as with ocean shipping, open transport is the most common and cars are driven onto an open carrier truck. RORO and Open Transport can be used for all types of cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Container and Enclosed Transport

Container shipping is also very popular, especially for owners of luxury cars or those that are making a complete relocation. Containers can hold multiple cars at one time as well as personal items. The cost is higher to use a container, but the overall security greatly outweighs the cost. Enclosed transport on the interstate is similar to container shipping as vehicles can be loaded inside of a fully enclosed trailer for transport. Containers prevent vehicles from being exposed to the elements during shipment and have long been a very safe way to ship.

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